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Originally from Oklahoma City, I got the radio bug when I was 19. Spent a couple of years in Los Angeles then landed here in Tulsa in 2006. I love this place.

Married to a chick that was on the Captain of the Pom squad at our Highschool (Boom!) and we have a beautiful little girl together. Thank you Sweet Tea Vodka, Rockband and Snowpocalypse 2010 for contributing to her creation.

 My favorite beer is an ice cold Newcastle.  . . . sitting next to a shot of Jager.

It drives me nuts when there is time left on the microwave. You took it out, hit clear.

Paula Abdul once told me that I was "Very Chivalrous". I think she wanted to make out. Either that or she was about to ask me if I had any Vicodin.

My first concert was the Blood, Sweat and Beers tour with Firehouse and Warrant in 1991. Jani Lane was drunk as hell and had more bras at his feet than the laundry room floor of Sorority house.

That is all. Good day.

Ray Wilson

Where did you grow up? Right here in Tulsa, OK - I was raised on Tulsa radio!

Where did you go to high school? East Central & graduated from Rogers State College in Claremore, USA.

How did you get started in radio? Had to start somewhere! Spinning records at the college radio station in Claremore. I've been doing weekends in radio since 1988.

Favorite food? When I'm really hungry, go for Chinese food or Mario's Pizza.

Hobbies?   Doing weekends here on 103.3 the Eagle.

Sports?  Every fall, I'm in front of the tube watching college & pro football and I'm a soccer fan.

Favorite movie of all time:  Raiders of the Lost Ark

Fav music?  Retro 80's, classic rock and blues. 

Jill Munroe

I'm Jill, I've been in radio on and off for many years now and it will always be a passion of mine. It all started when I was young listening to my moms Beatles albums, then I got my first 45, Queen-Another One Bites The Dust. THEN I was 14 and I saw my first rock video (yes, I said 14. I was sheltered) Round & Round from Ratt.. I was hooked. I wanted to know all about the music world after that.  Born in Tulsa but raised in a small town. I will always have a fascination the radio industry and a love for the music.

Job Postings

DealSwarm Account Manager

Cox Media Group Tulsa is seeking a talented account manager for Cox Media Group’s DealSwarm in the Tulsa market.  The primary responsibility will be to achieve stated deal goals monthly by identifying merchant needs and matching an attractive offer to DealSwarm subscribers. The person in this role will be the primary client contact and be directly responsible for identifying and securing participation from high potential prospects. Candidates must possess excellent communication skills, have knowledge of negotiation and sales closing techniques, be able to build relationships with new and existing clients, be self motivated and have good computer skills.  Some college and/or degree preferred and marketing and / or sales experience a plus. Valid driver’s license required.  Send resumes:  Cox Media Group - Tulsa, Human Resources, 7136 South Yale, Suite 500, Tulsa, OK 74136.  Fax: (918) 492-6495.  Email:    No Phone Calls.  E.O.E M/F   

  Account Manager

Cox Media Group Tulsa is seeking individuals to complete our talented sales staff.  Cox is looking for candidates in sales to develop new business and to maintain client relationships.  Candidates must be detail oriented and have working knowledge of Word and Excel.  Cox provides excellent training to become more than a salesperson and provides excellent benefits.  Previous broadcast sales experience and marketing experience preferred.  Some college and/or degree preferred. Valid driver’s license required.  Send resumes:  Cox Media Group - Tulsa, Human Resources, 7136 South Yale, Suite 500, Tulsa, OK 74136.  Fax: (918) 492-6495.  Email:  No Phone Calls.  E.O.E M/F  

  Sales Associate


Cox Media Group Tulsa is seeking talented candidates to join our sales associate program.  Duties will be split into administrative support, learning sales systems and procedures and “shadowing” some of the best sales people in town.  You’ll even do some cold calling, sales presentations and more.  Some college and/or degree is preferred and sales and/or marketing experience is a plus.  Cox offers an excellent benefit package. Valid driver’s license required.  Send resumes:  Cox Media Group Tulsa, Human Resources, 7136 South Yale, Suite 500, Tulsa, OK 74136.  Fax: (918) 492-6495.  Email:   No Phone Calls.  E.O.E M/F   

Matt Bradley

Matt Bradley was born right here in Tulsa, OK. He has stayed here ever since. One interesting fact about Matt Bradley is that he loves to talk about himself in third person. He's doing that right now! Matt loves music and thanks to his Mom he was raised on artists like the Doobie Brothers and the later Beatles stuff. His Dad is a huge Elvis fan so Matt got a large dose of Elvis, Buddy Holly and all that good stuff. Matt's first concert was Cheap Trick. He has since caught them 4 or 5 times. He's made it a point to see some of the greats as well. He's scratched off The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Van Halen (6 times!) and Billy Joel. He'd love to see Ringo Starr (He's a freakin' Beatle!), Bruce Springsteen, The Who, The Eagles and Bob Seger. 

Matt works Saturday night on Star 103.3 from 7p to midnight. During the week he spends time reading comic books, playing video games and watching Star Wars over and over again. He really needs to get a life. 

Matt Bradley can be heard weekends and filling in during weekdays. 

"Wavy Davy" Michaels

Where were you born?

Nashville, Arkansas


Where did you go to high school?

Van Buren, Arkansas



Playing/Writing Music, Guitars, My Motorcycle, Fly Fishing


Favorite Food?

Fried Chicken, Great Steaks and BBQ


Favorite movie?

Sling Blade


Favorite song?

Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple


How did you start in this business?

Running the religious programming on the weekends.


Any entertainment background you want to include?

Played in several pretty good rock & roll bands over the years.


Any odd habits?

Smoking Cigarettes....loved smoking but glad I quit 25 years ago.


What famous person would you like to meet?

John Lennon


First car?

1964 Oldsmobile Delta 88


First job?

Paper Route


Favorite memory in this business?

Helping my station to be #1...I've been's happened a few times!

E-Mail Wavy

Bobby Butler

Born in the Jimmy Buffett/Ernest Hemingway/old people capital of the world, Key West, Florida back in 1976 (bicentennial baby suckas!)

 Transplanted to the 'Center of the Universe', ha, the Broken Arrow suburbs at age 6 or so. That's when the magic began....I became a mouthy kid who grew up to be...a mouthy DJ.

 I have 2 kids whom I adore more than full body Pj's (yes even the kind with the slick feet)

 I love to jog/run/bike/kickbox/hit the park and chase & scare ducks...essentailly whatever to keep healthy, outdoors & stay in shape...for the most part.

 LOVE almost all sports with a passion, minus badminton. New technology & netflix junkie.

 Food is amazing...seafood, beer, sushi, meat & candy are the best, but not particularly in that order.

 You can catch me trying to keep your car out of that ditch for the morning drive weekdays as the 'traffic aficionado' on Rock (us), K95, Mix 96 & KRMG (sista stations)

 You can also listen to me weekdays 9am to 3pm on the best darn station in Tulsa, Tulsa's Classic Rockers....ROCK 103.3!!!


I'm an Oklahoma native, born and raised in Tulsa. I have lived in a few other places in the US, but I always come back home to Tulsa.My interests include cooking, good black coffee, watching storms, Texas hold em, tech gadgets, computers and practical jokes.I love being up in the mountains, past the tree line, and being able to see the whole world at once. I still have never been to the ocean (I need to go soon).Things I hate. Bread and butter pickles, sandals with socks, people that chew very loudly and mayonnaise.

Life Goals. Build a house, write a #1 hit song, make a million dollars; give it to a random homeless person, then ask him to buy me a drink.

You can catch me on Mix 96 weekdays from 7pm to midnight.

Check out my blog here.

9 items
Results 1 - 9 of 9